Each night we come in to begin making fresh dough that we use to transform into the delicious donuts you savor in the mornings.

*indicates only available on Friday & Saturday

**indicated only available on Wednesday


Donuts are $.75 each or $7.30 per dozen

Basic Glaze

A fluffy yeast dough covered in a coating of sweet glaze

Sugar Glaze

A basic glaze with a layer of sugar


Chocolate Glaze**

A glaze donut made with chocolate yeast to add the perfect subtle hint of cocoa

Basic Cake

A cakey dough with a top layer of icing and optional sprinkles

Cinnamon & Sugar Cake

Our basic cake covered with a layer of cinnamon and/or sugar

Blueberry Cake

A cakey dough with blueberries mixed in

Chocolate Cake*

We added cocoa to our cake dough to create a chocolate cake donut


Rolls are $1.00 each or $11.00 per dozen

Cinnamon Rolls

A crispy yeast dough with cinnamon formed into a pin-wheel shape and covered with sweet glaze

Maple Cinnamon Rolls

We added a maple icing and a sprinkle of walnuts to our delicious cinnamon rolls

Bear Claws

A fluffy yeast dough formed into the shape of a bear claw covered in a layer of sweet glaze


A fluffy yeast dough topped with icing and a pressed center filled with strawberry, cherry, peach, or apple


A fluffy yeast dough filled with raspberry, blueberry, or lemon

Long Johns

A yeast dough formed into a rectangle with a marshmallow or custard filling topped with maple or chocolate icing



A cinnamon roll twisted into a figure-eight shape topped with maple icing

Glaze Twist

A fluffy yeast dough twisted with a coating of sweet glaze or with a coating of cinnamon and sugar


A crispy yeast dough mixed with cinnamon and apples or cherry* covered with sweet glaze

Turn Overs

A crispy yeast dough formed into a crescent then filled with cherry, apple, peach, or strawberry and topped with sweet glaze


A fluffy yeast dough with a spread of strawberry twisted in a spiral and covered in a layer of sweet glaze and a topping of cream cheese icing

Donut Holes

Donut Holes are $1.00 for a pack of twelve

Donut Holes

Our basic glaze donuts formed into bite size, ball-shaped donuts

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls are $2.00 each or $20.00 per dozen

Homemade Cinnamon Roll*

Our homemade cinnamon roll is a baked fluffy yeast dough rolled with a cinnamon layer and topped with sweet icing